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Reshaping the Future of Sustainable Infrastructure Development


To Drive Excellence in Infrastructure Development

SMART | Sustainable | Safe | Inclusive

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GridMats OC and TC installation



Permanent Roads and surfaces

Temporary Roads, Event Platforms


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Scan for 3D model

GridMats® is committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to the infrastructure industry. Our patented technology uses plastic waste, nature's designs, and an inclusive workforce with cost-effective creative solutions for permanent, temporary roads and rigid surfaces.

We believe in creating working environments that prioritize the needs of all individuals.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellence in everything we do.


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-construction facility management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

What We Provide 


Project Design

Design is one of the key components for any project to be successful, and our pride is that we are specialists. The design is GLOCAL to suit your project's location-specific needs with global perspectives and aspects of GridMats®. 


Construction Management

With the blueprint of the design, setting the construction management process, with integrated design monitoring and application specific to GridMats® Technology


Site Evaluation

Each project site is unique and has multiple constraints; our team is specialised in understanding and evaluating the needs and customising our solutions and alternatives. 



GridMats® is a patented technology and is unique in its applications. The construction methods, pavement designs and installation approaches are crafted accordingly with global standards references.


Cost Modeling

Each location and project is unique and one of the key decision factors is cost. Our approach and methods are all modelled to save costs both tangible and intangible benefits. 

Latest Projects


Brigade Orchards


Nesta Ira


Maruti Suzuki


Brookfields ORR Main Road


They trust us and invested in our sustainable GridMats Technology. 

So far we have used over 52 Tons of plastic waste, reducing 300 tons of carbon emission and creating solid infrastructure for our clients and society.


Sports & Leisure

Walkways, Play area, Lawns and access roads.

Permiable and Non-permiable

Permanent and Temporary surfaces



Non-Apron Roads, Stockyards and workshop flooring, Walkways, Footpaths, Parking areas, Basements, Lawns, Drains, and more. 

Permanent and Temporary Surfaces


Real Estate

Roads, walkways, footpaths, parking areas, basements, lawns, drains, shuttering/formwork support, scaffolding platforms, workshop flooring, and more. 

Permanent and Temporary Surfaces

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