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To Drive Excellence in Infrastructure Development. SMART | Sustainable | Safe | Inclusive

We provide environmentally conscious design, construction, and management services for various projects.

GridMats® a brand and product known for innovation, sustainability, SMART and safe infrastructure development. 

High energy team and advisors

About the Logo

The GridMats® brand symbol is hexagonal in shape, mirroring the hexagonal grid of the product itself. It comprises multiple layers representing the foundational road layers, with layers showing upward trajectory symbolizing progress. This design choice further emphasizes the brand’s philosophy of working from the ground level up. The symbol should not be used independently.

GridMats®’ mission is to enhance the stability and durability of roads and surfaces, ultimately eliminating the problems faced by people on the ground. The brand’s logo effectively communicates this mission by depicting the layers of road infrastructure and utilizing a bold, geometric typeface.

The brand has 4 branches - Solar, IOT, TC and OC. The usage for these 4 logo extensions is based on specific applications of the product portfolio.

The brand is powered and supported by PotHoleRaja®. Owned by  Dr Prathap B, MD of GroundReality Enterprises Pvt Ltd and Managing Trustee of GroundReality Trust.

What We Value

  1. Gridmats: Sustainable, Durable and Pothole Free roads that can take more weight, last longer, costs less by ~25-30% and are made of reusable plastic waste that is safe for the environment across different terrains and climates


  1. Modular Designs: A honeycomb structure that makes not only building roads easy, but also repairing them without bumps and bruises | additionally its application can be temporary for construction projects that need roads for all the hardware (large trucks, pathway for workers, etc.)


  1. Human-centric intuitive approach to road-making, ensuring every person (pedestrians, vendors and stalls, road-side shops, foot-over-bridge) to every vehicle of all shapes and sizes (cyclists, ambulance, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, commercial vehicles)  are taken into account when planning road infrastructure.

  2. Roads that power the world: Massive innovation pipeline that allows the use of Gridmats as a source for solar energy, can be used for RFID scanning to reduce bottlenecks at tolls, can be used for weight measurement at automobile compounds, can be used as walls for buildings as well as a solar panel.

  3. Future First: Building towards a world that will expand vertically, not horizontally

  4. Tested to succeed: Civil engineering is a risky business, lives are at stake. Our roads are built to keep you safe

  5. More than tar: There’s a lot more to road infrastructure than just the roads; we take into consideration the lighting, traffic signals, signs and markers, security feeds, urban aesthetic and more


Safety & Security

Enable and create a safe and secure ecosystem for all living beings., especially mother nature



Engaging all stakeholders in all decisions, dimensions and impact


Growth & Innovation 

Foundation of the company is innovation and scaling for global impact


Team Work

Long-haul marathons are great teamwork work and this belief drives all our high-energy team members connected to the vision.


Community Outreach

Society and the community are the beneficiaries of the innovation and impact. Getting the engage, volunteer and create large-scale global impact is the key.



Product development is one of the art that is rare and needs deep craftsmanship. Our fundamentals in innovation and creating are the basis of this.

Meet The Team

Founder & Innovator

Dr Prathap B

Working towards being a relevant Social Human Being for large-scale global impact.

LinkedIn  |

Happiness Evangelist

Dr Kalpana Sampath

Live life towards Poornam unconditionally giving the Best, NOW! Social entrepreneur, Coach, Writer, Actor, Life Education Practitioner


Conscious Keeper

Poornima Prathap

Keeping a tab on all decisions, activities, finances and people. Learning and educating young minds is her way of life.

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