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We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

GridMats by PotHoleRaja offers a sustainable and durable solution for various permanent and temporary roads and rigid surfaces. Made from 100% recycled plastic, they reduce waste and provide long-lasting performance. SMART | Sustainable | Safe | Inclusive


Arts & Culture

Walkways, footpaths, event display areas, flooring, parking and many other rigid surfaces 



Non-Apron roads, walkways, parking areas, Storage yards, warehouses, footpaths, construction sites, loading and unloading bays, and many other applications.  



Internal roads, basements, parking areas, play areas, water tanker loading areas, lawns and many other rigid surface applications. 



Industrial flooring, warehouse flooring, loading and unloading bays, parking areas, roads, sheds, trolly movement areas, construction sites, slippery work areas, stockyards and many other applications


Sports & Entertainment

Play areas, turfs, walkways, cart roads, benches, amphitheatre, lawns, grass and stone filled surfaces and many other applications



Using GridMats as the base, multiple power generation options can be explored. Solar roads, walkways, solar farm supporting structures, construction sites, and permanent and temporary surfaces. 


Hotels & Resorts

Parking areas, entrances, walkways, basements, construction sites, loading areas, balconies, outdoor dining areas with lawns, golf cart paths and many other applications. 



Ambulance movement areas, parking areas, walkways, balconies, lawns, seating areas, internal roads and many other applications.



Logistics and supply chain yards, warehouse flooring, roads, loading and unloading bays, parking areas, construction sites, temporary and permanent rigid surfaces application. 


Brigade Orchards

Brigade Orchards Properties, situated in Devenahalli is a large residential and commercial space. GridMats OC was installed for the MS Ramaih Hospital campus inside the Orchards property. This is used for Ambulance movements, walkways, and main entrances to the hospital and surroundings. 

Nesta Ira

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Maruti Suzuki

As part of the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Challenge, GridMats OC was installed for 4 different applications. Material Loading bay with concrete surface, VIP moving areas with Asphalt, Walkway with paver reinforcement, and new car parking yard with soil-filled grass lawn parking.

Brookfields ORR Main Road

One of the busiest outer ring roads in Sarjapur, Bangalore, the entrance of a large IT park on this road was built by GridMats for heavy-duty traffic with metro construction, public traffic movement and thousands of IT park employees.

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